When Do Emergency Dentistry Visits Become Essential?

When Do Emergency Dentistry Visits Become Essential?

Jul 01, 2021

What would you do if you accidentally cut yourself at home or work? You probably would head to the emergency room for relief. However, would you think similarly if you bit into something that chipped or cracked your tooth? Instead of visiting emergency dentistry near me, you probably would head to the emergency room, unaware the emergency room will likely divert you to a dentist’s office.

When receiving instructions to visit a dentist, you are probably perplexed why the emergency room is not treating your dental emergency? The answer to your question is because emergency rooms do not have dental professionals on their staff. Besides providing you painkillers or antibiotics, they aren’t authorized to treat dental emergencies. Therefore, when you confront a dental emergency, you must contact your regular dentist or emergency dentistry nearby to help you manage the situation.

If you are not aware of common dental emergencies, here are six requiring visits to emergency dentistry.


Toothaches indicate various dental problems needing identification of the cause to ensure it is taken care of appropriately. Two familiar reasons for toothaches are dental pulp infections and food trapped between two teeth. When a toothache appears out of the blue and progressively worsens, you must consider visiting emergency dentistry in 77070 if you cannot get to your dentist to alleviate the pain. The emergency dentist helps identify the cause of the problem, provides treatment to relieve your discomfort, and even a remedy for the cause of the toothache.

Chips and Cracks

When you bite down on complex objects, you can chip and crack your teeth. Chips and cracks also develop because of accidents. If you are prone to teeth grinding and clenching, you become susceptible to chipping or cracking teeth. A visit to emergency dentistry in TX becomes necessary if you have a chipped or cracked tooth. You must rinse any tooth fragments and preserve them in a glass of milk or water, carrying them along with you to your emergency dentistry appointment.

Loose or Knocked-out Tooth

Facial impacts causing your teeth to become loose or fall out require prompt attention from emergency dentistry in Houston, TX. Suppose your tooth is loose try to keep the tooth in its socket to prevent it from falling out. You can accomplish your goal by gently biting down on the tooth to hold it in place. If you have a knocked-out tooth, you need to locate the missing tooth. You must exercise care to handle the knocked out by the crown and not the roots and rinse it. After that, you can try placing it back into its socket or in a cup of milk and get to the emergency dentist within 30 minutes or less to have the tooth reinserted back into its socket. Any delays will ensure you must search for tooth replacement solutions to replace your natural tooth.

Soft Tissue Injury

Your lips, gums, cheeks, and can are all soft tissues. When you injure any of these structures, you must call emergency dentistry in Houston for instructions on where you must go. Some situations may require a visit to an emergency room while others to emergency dentistry. Soft tissue injuries like lacerations, punctures, and tears are best rinsed with warm water before applying pressure to minimize bleeding.

Loose or Missing Dental Restorations

Permanent and temporary restorations can fall out or become loose. If you have lost a permanent restoration, you require prompt attention from an emergency dentist. If you are missing a temporary restoration, you can use DIY methods to keep the repair in place until you can get to your regular dentist. Temporary restorations need urgent dental care and not treatment from emergency dentistry.

Dental Abscesses

If you notice a dental abscess near the roots of your tooth, you cannot ignore a visit to emergency dentistry because you are confronting a life-threatening situation besides intense pain and oozing. Ignore the dental abscess at your peril because the condition soon spreads bacteria in it through your bloodstream, making you susceptible to various health problems. You must have the dental abscess treated promptly by emergency dentistry to avoid complicated issues needing treatments from multiple medical professionals.

Most emergency rooms will divert you back to dentists when you approach them with a dental issue. Instead of wasting time and suffering from extra discomfort, why not visit emergency dentistry clinics willing to provide services at all hours of the day or night?

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