Top 5 Dental Myths About Children Dentistry That Parents Should Know About

Top 5 Dental Myths About Children Dentistry That Parents Should Know About

Nov 01, 2021

There are a lot of myths about dental care for children. Many parents believe that kids do not need dental treatment until they have reached their teenage years. This is not true. Below, we list the top 5 dental myths about children’s dentistry that parents should know about.

What is Children’s Dentistry?

Children’s Dentistry is a medical specialty that focuses on the oral health needs of infants and young children. Dentists who offer such services include pediatricians, family dentists, general dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, specialist oral surgeons, and other dental professionals. They provide preventive services such as teeth cleaning, toothpaste application, and treatment options like extractions and fillings.

What are the Top Dental Myths of Children’s Dentistry?

Some of the top misconceptions about oral health in children include:

Myth #1: Dentists are only for adults

This is not true, and it has been a misconception for a long time. Children’s dentists play an important role in preventing cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Dentists have the knowledge and skills to help your child’s oral health. If your child is terrified of going to the dentist, they can handle that! Moreover, they can detect and prevent most of the dental problems affecting children.

Myth #2: Regular Brushing and Flossing is Enough to Maintain a Healthy mouth

While brushing the teeth can be crucial to your child’s oral health, it does not completely prevent plaque accumulation. At times, the plaques, a sticky film, can still build up. That is why you need children’s dentistry in Houston. TX. Our dentist will do professional teeth clean and remove plaques from above the gum line.

Myth# 3: Cavities Do Not Happen in Kids Below 12 Years Old

In reality, cavities can happen in kids below 12 years old. The baby teeth, though they are temporary, can develop cavities and decay. As placeholders of the permanent teeth, the baby ones need protection. Any premature loss may cause the teeth to come out crowded or misaligned.

Myth #4: Baby Teeth Do Not Need Much Dental Care

Baby teeth are the first set of teeth that a child develops. They are important because they hold some of the roots of permanent teeth. They also act as an anchor for permanent ones to grow into place in due course. It is crucial to care for the primary teeth to prevent them from falling out before their time. Working with a dentist can help maintain your child’s oral health.

Myth# 5: Teeth Do Not Need Clean During Teething

Teething is a period of tooth development and can make babies irritable. This makes the whole process of brushing teeth difficult for parents. However, teeth-cleaning has been associated with the prevention of cavities and the growth of bacteria that cause gum disease and bad breath. It also reduces the risk for dental caries and tartar buildup that causes gum inflammation, tooth decay, and gum recession. You can wipe the gums with a wet, soft cloth after feeding the child to prevent plaques.

What are the Different Types of Children’s Dental Services?

Children’s dentistry in 77070 services is divided into two main categories: preventive and emergency. With preventive care, children receive routine visits to monitor their oral health. These visits include tooth brushing and dental x-rays in case of any cavities or other oral health concerns.

Children’s dentistry in Houston services also includes interceptive orthodontics. This is the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the orthodontic treatment of children below 12 years.

What to Expect from Your Child’s First Visit & Things You Should Know

It is always a nervous situation for parents to bring their child to the dentist. But the fear can stem from a lack of knowledge about what exactly to expect when your child visits the dentist for the first time.

Your child’s first visit can be a wonderful experience if you know what to expect. The dentist will examine their teeth and gums and gently clean them to remove any plaque buildup. Fluoride treatment and dental sealants can be given if necessary.

Before going into a dentist’s office, be sure your child knows how to behave and what to expect when visiting a dentist. On top of that, make sure you visit the dentist when the child is well-rested and relaxed.

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