Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment in Houston, TX 

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Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment in Houston, TX 

Giving your child every opportunity for success during adolescence and into adulthood can easily be obtained by planning the appearance of their smile before they have their permanent teeth – and that can mean budget savings for parents and the avoidance of possibly painful dental work for their children down the road.

Making sure that your child has a smile that will open doors for them as an adult starts earlier than you may think. Concerns that could eventually require costly smile makeover treatments can be caught early during two-phase orthodontic treatment in Houston from our dentist near you.

Knowing that, wouldn’t you want to give your child every chance of success now by planning their two-phase orthodontic treatment in Houston from the professional, caring, and compassionate team OASIS Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics? If so, keep reading to learn more!

Most Common Reasons for Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment Near You

While some orthodontic concerns can be treated in a one-phase comprehensive treatment plan, two-phase treatments can be less painful, produce better results, and be more cost-effective in the long-term. The timing for two-phase orthodontic treatment from our dentist near you is used to make the best use of a child’s predictable stages of dental development as well as their physical growth.

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Some of the most common reasons for this segmented approach to orthodontic treatment near you include the reduced need to extract permanent teeth, the avoidance of corrective dental surgery, the normalization of the relationship between the upper jaw and lower jaw (beneficial for both appearance purposes as well as bite functionality), a reduction in a child’s desire for prolonged nursing and thumb-sucking, and it creates the foundation for a straighter smile including the shape and placement of teeth and jaw.

Timing Your Child’s Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment in Houston

Although it’s never too late to change the appearance of anyone’s smile, the timing for your child’s adult smile should start while their baby teeth can be easily moved. An example of care during this first phase includes the possible use of a dental aligner or a simple tooth extraction.

During the second phase of your child’s treatment, the goal is to ensure that your child’s permanent teeth are in the proper position for optimum functioning and appearance. This phase may also require the use of a dental appliance, but your child will wear it for less time than required has the first phase of orthodontic dentistry near you not been completed.

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