Removable & Fixed Dentures in Houston
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Removable & Fixed Dentures in Houston

At OASIS Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics in Houston, TX, we have several options to replace your missing teeth. Dentures are popular and immediately come to mind when a person talks about replacing missing teeth. We have removable and fixed types of dentures.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures contain artificial teeth to replace a patient’s missing ones. They usually have clasps that are fitted around nearby teeth for attachment. Since they’re not fixed to the gum or jawbone, patients often remove them before they go to sleep.

Removable dentures require cleaning each night upon removal. One advantage of dentures is that they’re non-invasive. Nothing is fixated to the jawbone, and patients can remove dentures and put them back on with relative ease.

As bone is lost, you’ll need newer dentures to adjust for the changes.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures rely on titanium screws to keep them in place. The screws fuse with the bone in which they’re placed and for a solid base for the dentures.

These dentures aren’t removable and stay in a person’s mouth permanently, or until they need replacement. Unlike removable dentures, fixed ones might never need replacing.

Fixed dentures slow down bone loss, which is great for the rest of a person’s oral cavity and face structure. They’re also more firmly attached, so they feel almost exactly like natural teeth. With time, you’ll forget you even have dentures. Patients who get fixed dentures can eat, chew, and speak freely.

At OASIS Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics, we’d be glad to give you as much information as you’d like about each type. Just give us a call or visit our office.

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