Digital X-ray and CT Cone Beam

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Digital X-ray and CT Cone Beam


X-rays and CT scans both use similar technology, but the difference is monumental. X-ray creates a 2-dimensional image of hard tissue (teeth and bone). The CT creates astonishingly detailed 3-dimensional images of hard and soft tissue.

CT Cone Beam imaging is extremely safe and emits ultra-low radiation. In fact, you get more radiation from a 5 minute walk outdoors. The cone-shaped beam of the CT works by taking hundreds of tiny slices of information, each at a different depth, then it assembles all of this into a virtual model that can be examined in layers, 0.3 millimeters at a time. These images allow us to see blood vessels, nerves, infections, microscopic fractures, and tumors that could never be diagnosed with traditional x-rays alone. We use the PreXion3D Excelsior CBCT Scanner in our office.

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At OASIS Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics, we still use digital x-rays on occasion, but we always take advantage of cone beam technology before beginning any surgical treatment. This minimizes risks and ensures that there are no surprises during surgery.

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