Interceptive Care For Ages 7-11 in Houston, TX

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Interceptive Care For Ages 7-11 in Houston, TX

If you’re unfamiliar with interceptive orthodontics near you and the ways it can give your child a winning smile, we invite you to keep reading to learn more about this phased type of orthodontic treatment in Houston. Not only can it correct immediate smile concerns today but it can lay the foundation for more gentle dentistry down the road.

A Brief History of Interceptive Care Near You

In the past, orthodontic treatment for children did not typically begin until they reached their adolescence. The reason for this timing had to do with the eruption of your child’s permanent teeth so time and money weren’t spent on temporary fixes.

But now, modern orthodontists recommend a segmented approach known as interceptive care for children aged between 7 – 11 as a new way to advocate for healthy permanent teeth. Not only is treatment less invasive during these ages, but children learn healthy oral habits that can serve them for a lifetime of reduced dental care.

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Advantages of Interceptive Orthodontics from Our Houston Dentist

Apart from the benefits already mentioned, your child could enjoy the following advantages as well:

  • Reduces the need for braces or other alignment corrections
  • More affordable in the long term versus the cost of traditional metal braces
  • Identifies small corrective issues before they grow into larger and costlier concerns
  • Results can be achieved in just a few office visits versus months of wearing dental hardware
  • When teeth are in proper alignment in adolescence, there’s less risk for a sports-related injury

As the name implies, interceptive orthodontic care typically requires more than one phase of treatment, and our dentist will provide you with a segmented treatment so you’ll be able to see how this approach does save time and expenses – two things that are important to almost every parent!

Do You Notice Any of These Signals in Your Child?

Are you wondering whether or not your child could benefit from interceptive orthodontics from our Houston dentist? Here are a few questions: Have you noticed a delay in the loss of your child’s baby teeth or the prolonged use of a pacifier? Does your child have chronic allergies or airway issues? If you’ve noticed any of these concerns, we invite you to call our office today to schedule an appointment for interceptive orthodontic consultation for your child. Use our convenient online booking tool to get started now.

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