Dental Bonding in Houston
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Dental Bonding in Houston

When it comes to cosmetic dental procedures, dental bonding is one of the easiest and most cost-effective options patients have for improving the overall look of their smile. In less than an hour from beginning to end, you can transform your teeth and walk out of our office happier and more confident than when you walked in.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is the application of a composite resin material that matches your teeth and serves to fill in gaps, cracks, and chips, as well as cover up unsightly stains and natural discoloration. The procedure can change the shape of your teeth as well, improving their appearance.

The entire procedure is completed in just one visit to OASIS Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics in Houston. Dental bonding is non-invasive—anesthesia is not required, and very little tooth preparation and filing will be performed. It’s not uncommon to have several teeth bonded in one appointment.

Your tooth or teeth will get filed and roughened up slightly so the conditioning gel can stick, over which the composite resin is applied. Before solidifying, this material is like putty and will be shaped to fit and look like a natural tooth.

The composite resin material that we use in our dental bonding procedures is a plastic that’s durable enough for long wear. It adheres to your natural tooth with a specialized light that simultaneously hardens the material.

Your particular shade of composite resin is dependent upon the color of the natural teeth that surround the site. After the composite resin is applied, it is further shaped, trimmed, and polished for a final look that’s unnoticeable and natural.

Aftercare for Dental Bonding

Be sure to follow Dr. Arthur’s guidelines for proper aftercare. Beyond your regular oral hygiene routine, it’s advised to steer clear of beverages that may stain the composite resin applied to your smile. These include teas, coffee, and red wine.

Pay attention to the way your bonding feels in your mouth in the days following your procedure. If the tooth needs further adjustment or shaping, just give us a call.

Dental bonding is a great alternative to fillings, dental crowns, and veneers. At OASIS Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics in Houston, it’s our pleasure to find the most suitable option for you.

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