Bone Grafts in Houston, TX
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Bone Grafts in Houston, TX

Although every patient will have a unique set of circumstances requiring their need for a bone graft, there are two types that are most commonly used in restorative dentistry from a dentist near you in Houston. Keep reading to learn more about each type and how a bone graft procedure can help save your smile!

Bone Grafts Are Commonly Used as Part of a Dental Implant Procedure

When a patient’s jaw bone structure is not sufficient to support the root of the dental implant, it may be necessary to undergo a grafting procedure prior to the dental implant being permanently placed in the jaw. Not every patient will require a bone graft in concert with their implant procedure; however, some of the most common reasons that a bone graft is necessary include: the deterioration of bone mass due to earlier tooth loss or tooth decay, the correction of genetic or developmental defects, repair of untreated periodontal disease, and more.

A Missing Tooth Should Never Be Ignored

As you may have noticed in reading, one of the reasons is to restore bone structure is after the loss of a tooth. For this reason, it’s always recommended that patients take pre-emptive measures against future bone loss whenever a tooth needs to be extracted. If you’ve recently lost a tooth, keep reading or call us today to learn what steps you can take to avert the need for a bone graft procedure in Houston in the future.

Why You’ll Experience Bone Loss After a Tooth Extraction

It’s simple biomechanics. After you lose a tooth – either through a scheduled dental extraction or from an accident or traumatic event — the periodontal tissue of your alveolar ridge will begin to shrink down in the aftermath. Although the process is slow – typically occurring over a period of months or years — your body will actually allow resorption of the bone material because your jaw is no longer receiving the constant stimulation it needs from an active tooth or dental implant. As this happens over time, your remaining teeth will also shift and cause pockets where debris and decay can spread, leading to periodontal disease.

Reclaim Your Smile – And Your Self-Confidence

Wondering how your smile can be restored with the help of a dental implant or a bone graft in Houston? Make an appointment now with OASIS Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics for a consultation and treatment plan in our comfortable and family-friendly Houston dentist office.

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