Airway Orthodontics in Houston, TX

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Airway Orthodontics in Houston, TX

Do you think that you or your child may be suffering from some type of airway obstruction? And even though it may not be serious enough to warrant a medical emergency since it does not involve an immediate choking hazard, you know that it is having an effect on you or your child’s quality of life? If so, you’ll be pleased to read that treatment of airway orthodontics from our dentist in Houston near you can provide the relief that’s needed!

Keep reading to learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of airway orthodontics in Houston from our dentist.

Signs that Obstructive Breathing Might Be Present

Although a diagnosis of the condition will require an examination from our dentist in Houston at OASIS Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics, some of the tell-tale signs that you may need treatment for airway orthodontics near you include unusually excessive mouth breathing, poor sleep habits, poor performance at work or school due to an inability to concentrate, hyperactivity (ADHD symptoms), mood swings, shallow breathing, chronic sinus congestion or sinus infections, snoring (something that is not common in young children), weight gain and lethargy, jaw pain, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes to name a few.

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As you can see, the list of symptoms is rather extensive, but the good news is that our Houston dentist has specialized training to detect the presence of airway obstruction in patients of all ages, so you’re guaranteed to receive not only a professional diagnosis but a treatment plan that’s approved for patients of all ages – even patients as young as two years old!

An Example of Airway Orthodontics in Houston

Our dentist and team of dental offices in Houston utilize airway orthodontics testing and treatment in two key areas. First, to improve the breathing and sleep patterns in anyone experiencing sleep apnea and disrupted sleep; and second, there’s typically a bonus benefit of patients having a more beautiful smile afterward.

Some examples of treatment include the use of dental aligners, mouth guards, and strategic tooth extraction to create an unconstructed pathway for breathing. We also partner with sleep specialists to design a protocol to prevent and treat the adverse effects of mouth breathing or obstructive sleep apnea on a patient’s teeth, jaws, and facial growth – something that is critically important in the area of children’s dentistry in Houston.

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