How to Retain Your Smile with Invisalign©

How to Retain Your Smile with Invisalign©

Aug 01, 2020

The alignment of your teeth is essential to give you a dignified look. A special branch of dentistry that deals with proper alignment of your teeth and smile improve your oral health and smile. The orthodontist can diagnose, prevent irregularities, and align your teeth using braces, fixed dental appliances, and removable dental appliances.

The primary reason for using braces or aligners is to straighten our teeth and correct the irregular bites. Aligners can also close the unsightly dental gaps and bring your teeth and lips in proper alignment. It is also difficult to clean the crooked teeth. The deposition of plaque and tartar can be a common issue. Aligners can fit the crooked teeth and make it easier to clean. In such away, you can reduce the chances of periodontal disease.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are transparent trays that are made of unique materials that can straighten your crooked teeth. Gentle yet constant force is applied on the teeth to bring them in position without going through the hustle of using races ad traditional metal wires. Aligners are custom-made, and each patient is made to go through a digital scan to get the correct measure of your teeth and cheeks.

Clear aligners in Houston, TX, can be provided by experienced dentists, and as the name suggests, the aligners are transparent and do not hamper your aesthetic value. Gone are the days when you had the hurdle of maintaining metal wires. With the advancement of dental science, Invisalign can straighten your misaligned teeth and let you smile freely.

Depending on the severity of misalignment, the Invisalign dentist in Houston, TX, can guide you to use Invisalign for six to eighteen months, which has to be interchanged roughly every two weeks.  An Invisalign is similar to a dental retainer and is used for orthodontic treatment.

The clear aligners are generated from a mold or impression of your teeth and is usually generated by a computer. The fitting of the aligners is unique and is fitted by the orthodontist or the dentist.

You can look for “Invisalign© near me in Houston, TX” and can get various results. You need to check whether the basic dental treatment facilities are available at the dental clinic you choose.

Invisalign vs. Braces

Gone are the days of using conventional braces. You need not linger with the metal wires and face the agonies of the metal braces. Invisalign can make you feel confident, and you can go unnoticed, yet get your misaligned teeth in shape.

A similar, more convenient way of setting your crooked teeth right, the Invisalign can be adopted with a minor change in your oral cavity. On the contrary, the traditional braces cannot be opened at will, and you need to rush to your dentist even if a metal wire comes out from the braces.

The braces complicate your oral care and are also more prone to damage when you chew some hard food like corn or taco shells. You can remove the clear aligners when you eat hard foods, and when you brush your teeth. Being easy to remove, the Invisalign is easily accessible, and are invisible.

You can smile openly without the embarrassment of hiding the bunch of metal on your teeth by using the Invisalign. The plastic-made clear aligners are mild on your cheeks and gum. You do not get cuts on your oral cavity that was a common phenomenon with the sharp edges of metal braces.

Caring for Your Aligners

The clear or invisible aligners offer multiple advantages than the traditional braces. Discreet and more comfortable to use, you do not get noticed while using Invisalign. To have better results, you should wear the Invisalign for around twenty hours a day and be removed while eating, brushing, or flossing your teeth. Special care should be taken to remove your aligners while taking hot food or beverages.

Aligners can be cleaned with regular toothpaste and toothbrush. Mere brushing your aligners can clean them. You can keep your Invisalign in a box when not in use to keep then clean.

Bottom Line

Retain your smile with proper food habits, good oral hygiene, and OASIS Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics. OASIS Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics at Houston, TX, has been providing dental care with experienced dentists. You can book an appointment and experience better dental care.

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