Are Braces Safe? Do Braces Change Your Face Structure?

Are Braces Safe? Do Braces Change Your Face Structure?

May 01, 2023

Braces helpful for straightening teeth in children, teenagers, and adults are being used by dentists globally as orthodontic appliances that have succeeded in delivering successful results for many patients. As orthodontic devices to straighten teeth, braces available in various versions are undoubtedly safe for use by everyone.

Although different braces are currently available than the metal and wire versions, these appliances have successfully enabled people to enjoy better dental health and a beautiful smile by straightening teeth with multiple orthodontic problems, safely providing numerous benefits without adverse effects.

If you have crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, the dentist near you will likely recommend getting braces on your teeth to help improve their positioning to improve your dental health and smile. However, after receiving the recommendation, you might wonder whether the braces also change your facial structure. If you have apprehensions about your facial structure changing with braces reading this article will help you understand the reality of the situation.

How Are Braces Placed As per Face Structure?

When you start orthodontic treatment to get braces on your teeth, you will likely have questions about how the braces are placed and whether orthodontics in Houston will consider your facial shape before mounting the appliances on your teeth. It helps to understand that every face is unique, and orthodontists must create a customized treatment plan for every patient to ensure the braces best suit their needs. Therefore if receiving orthodontic treatment from the Houston provider, expect the professional to examine your teeth and mouth to determine the complexity of your situation before designing the braces explicitly for your mouth after considering your facial structure.

Types of Braces Used in Dentistry?

Metal and wire braces were at the core of all orthodontic treatments earlier when alternatives were not introduced. Whether the treatment was needed for children or adults, metal and wire braces were the only option to straighten teeth. However, as time progressed, innovative orthodontic appliances made a mark in dentistry by offering tooth-colored ceramic braces, stainless steel lingual braces that appeared invisible because they were mounted on the lingual surfaces of the teeth.

Further advances were observed in the late 90s when manufacturers like Align Technologies introduced dental grade BPA-free clear plastic aligners to help straighten teeth without a mouthful of metal and wire. After this manufacturer introduced clear plastic aligners and made them incredibly popular, several other producers currently deliver similar plastic aligners, which they claim comfortably move teeth into their appropriate positions. Most therapies have safe and effective results for patients to enjoy better dental health without the concerns of infections and to develop a healthy smile faster than traditional orthodontic treatments.

Do Braces Change Your Facial Structure?

Traditional metal brackets and wire braces are considered the gold standard for moving crooked and misaligned teeth besides correcting a misaligned jaw. However, if you wonder whether the braces will change your facial structure, it helps if you understand your body reacts to the pressures the braces apply to move your teeth to suitable positions making changes to your facial structure.

Braces and clear aligners apply pressure to your periodontal ligament holding your teeth on the bone by the fibrous connective tissue surrounding them. When you receive braces in Houston, TX, the Houston provider determines how much pressure your teeth need to achieve your treatment goals. They may add more bands and wires to your braces or make other adjustments to correct orthodontic problems.

Applying constant pressure on your teeth with braces, brackets, and bands makes your body produce cells that grow and destroy the bones. In addition, the continuous stress will start remodeling your jawbone shape, and the duration of orthodontic treatment for most patients is 12 to 18 months.

With time your teeth and periodontal ligaments will start responding to the pressure. In addition, the braces affect the development of your jaw and change facial symmetry if receiving treatment with traditional orthodontic braces. If the Houston orthodontist discovers a significant imbalance in your jaw or facial structure, they work with other specialists to create a treatment plan that helps achieve specific changes.

Traditional orthodontic braces are excellent for moving your teeth into appropriate positions and even helping move a misaligned jaw to change your facial structure. Therefore if you are dealing with orthodontic issues with jaw misalignment, it helps if you seek assistance from Oasis Modern Dentistry to correct your orthodontic problems and improve your facial appearance with your dental health. Arrange a consultation with them to determine what changes you can expect from orthodontic treatment at how it will benefit your overall health.

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