Airway Centric Orthodontics: Evolution of Orthodontic Treatment

Airway Centric Orthodontics: Evolution of Orthodontic Treatment

Feb 02, 2022

In dentistry, orthodontics concentrates on dental health examination treating and correcting issues related to the teeth and supporting structures. For example, an approach to straightening teeth and jaw’s involving opening the airways to improve breathing and prevent airway problems is now available with airway-centric orthodontics. In addition, with evolutions in dental sleep medicine and sleep, orthodontists notice an increasing need to conserve the airway’s physiological function.

Airway Orthodontics in Houston, TX, considers all aspects of a patient’s health, along with the health of the airway and facial development. The consideration ensures the patient receives therapy for airway problems that the orthodontist may have missed. In addition, airway-centric orthodontics enables orthodontists to help patients increase oxygen intake while resolving issues like sleep apnea and snoring.

Why Is Airway Centric Orthodontics necessary?

Airway problems affect many people. Airway-centric orthodontics allows the dentist near you to scrutinize past your teeth by evaluating the nose, tongue muscles, neck, face, and rest of your body. When dentists connect the dots, the treatment advances from merely realigning teeth to restoring optimal health and dental function.

Suppose your child is experiencing symptoms like mouth breathing, thumb sucking, snoring. In that case, excessive teeth wear by teeth grinding, recurrent ear infections, crooked teeth, migraine headaches, et cetera, may benefit from airway-centric orthodontics.

How Is Airway Centric Orthodontics Beneficial?

Orthodontics 77070 looks to restore proper airflow and balance facial structural development besides restoring regular functions. This approach helps the specialist prevent defective facial growth, crooked teeth, and sleep patterns when the treatment commences early. However, the problems described impacting the entire body to disrupt healthy cognitive development. In reality, early intervention and preventive care are vital for staying ahead, and prophylactic treatment helps orthodontists and patients to prevent potential problems later.

Airway-centric orthodontics does not focus on the symptoms but attacks the underlying cause of the symptoms when providing effective treatment. For example, the body can automatically alter the head posture to open closed airways which by itself changes the position of the body to preserve balance. The improvement of the airway structure ensures normalcy. Your family dentist can perform this procedure with nonsurgical mild airway-centric orthodontics.

The modification in nasal breathing provides for the proper and natural development of jaw structures. As your appearance depends on the shape of your face, you get to enjoy the benefits of airway-centric orthodontics throughout your life. In addition, early intervention helps the orthodontist benefit from a child’s developmental stages to enhance jaw structures and address several concerns to give patients a healthier life.

Who Benefits from Airway Centric Orthodontics?

People of all ages qualify for orthodontic treatment. However, dental professionals recommend children undergo an orthodontic evaluation by a seven because detecting problems early makes it easier to treat and prevent problems later.

Children displaying the symptoms described above may receive treatments with traditional braces to induce pressure on their teeth to help put them in their positions. Adults unfortunate not to receive orthodontic treatments early can also benefit by having their teeth straightened with Invisalign clear aligners. Besides the above, orthodontists may also recommend myofunctional therapy, Myobrace systems, early palatal expansion, lingual frenectomy as a remedy to treat to correct the issues affecting patients.

Myofunctional cure assures patients to develop without destructive habits impacting facial growth by fixing swallowing techniques and enhancing nutrition to donate to facial development. Patients needing Myobrace must comply with their dentist’s instructions. The trainers provided by dentists must be used as recommended. In all cases, maintaining excellent dental hygiene is a requirement patients cannot ignore.

As airway-centric orthodontics concentrates on improving the underlying problem affecting patients results of the treatment may vary according to the patient’s age. For example, adults with an issue of sleep apnea may require more time to improve the airway structures of their bodies. However, they receive help from their dentist to correct their airway flow to improve their breathing. Dentists provide oral appliances that help reduce the risk of sleep apnea contributing to various health complications.

When children receive this treatment and benefit from improved nasal breathing, they develop naturally to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of the treatment for life. Therefore getting your child evaluated by an orthodontist early in life helps the professional address any concerns to give them a happier life.

If you want to help your child overcome the issues described in this article, please get in touch with Oasis Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics to help them receive the treatment beneficial for their overall and aesthetic appearance.

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