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Welcome to OASIS Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics, where superior technology, a soothing environment, and advanced dentistry are found in the capable hands of a doctor with a pure heart. We’re a family-owned practice that’s faithfully committed to doing the right thing for every person. We don’t answer to a corporate board, so we always offer treatment plans based on what patients need, not on the coverage they have.

Dr. Tania Mendoza Arthur is a specialist in Dental Public Health with fluency in Spanish and English who treats patients of all ages. Her sweet disposition and nurturing temperament enable her to create an instant bond with people, especially older adults, children, and patients with special needs. Her ground-breaking research in pediatric dental care has been published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. In addition to conventional dentistry and cosmetic treatments, she performs advanced surgeries and has extensive experience with bone grafts, implants, overdentures, root canals, impacted wisdom tooth extractions, and conscious IV sedation.

OASIS Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics also cater to the dental needs of patients residing in areas like Cypress Creek, Willowbrook, Champion Forest, Lakewood Forest, Tower Oaks Plaza, Marwood Village, Greenwood Forest, North Houston, Northwest Houston, Klein, Louetta, Tomball, and Mandolin Village, TX.

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Superior Technology

Dental visits are safer, more comfortable, and require less time than ever before because we provide the most advanced technology that is less invasive, offers greater precision, and accelerates the healing process.

Serene Environment

The atmosphere at OASIS Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics is relaxing and peaceful. Our refreshing office design unites biophilia color theory, acoustical design, and subtle sensory stimuli to immerse you in tranquility and peace.

Bilingual Dentist

Dr. Tania Mendoza Arthur speaks both Spanish and English. She pledges to deliver proficient, gentle, compassionate, and sincere care to every patient. She listens to your views and works with you regarding your dental care.

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